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Hi, I'm rachel, 17. There's lots of queen and some other cool bands on here.

I might not be as active as usual but I'm here yeah.


All of my favorite musicians are dead or are going to die during my lifetime and I think about this a lot and it makes me sad

Track: Mr.Bad Guy
Artist: Freddie Mercury
Plays: 251


Mr Bad Guy, yes I’m everybody’s Mr Bad Guy
Can’t you see I’m Mr Mercury?


Dear All,

Hope you are well and that 1995 is treating you kindly. The recording and mixing of Queen material is progressing and I hope we will be able to release the end results this year. I am sure that everybody will have varied and different comments and opinions on the finished work. It has not been easy as even Roger, Brian and myself see things differently and coming to agreement between us takes time! Anyway, we will do our best as that is all we can do and I hope you feel that it was worth all the work to release a final Queen album!!

Bye for now,

John R Deacon


Look at little Bri!



Crazy Little Thing “I” Call Love, haha

I find it amusing that he hated that song, but looked so damn good in the video.


Cutie then, cutie now!


Freddie backstage after the Live Aid show, 1985.


OH MY GOD. Brian tweeted me a science joke. I CAN’T BREATHE.

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“He finally picked up his pen and, in the unlikely backdrop of Disney World, at the Polynesian Village Hotel, officially ended the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in history by simply scrawling John Lennon at the bottom of the page.”  -May Pang 

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Track: Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant tells David Letterman about meeting Elvis Presley
Artist: The Late Show with David Letterman
Album: 12/3/2012
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#LedZeppelin’s @RobertPlant tells David Letterman about meeting @ElvisPresley. #Elvis #Zeptember

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